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Education begins with understanding. To increase the likelihood of student success, school professionals must act as a bridge between the culture(s) of their students and the broader school community. Through workshops, trainings, and ongoing coaching, Create Cultural Competence helps schools to develop a more nuanced understanding of the population(s) they serve and create synergy between students culture(s) and school values.

To be truly effective, agencies must be committed to tolerance and understanding, both within the organization and in relation to the communities they serve. Culturally competent agencies are able to attract and retain clients from diverse subsets of the community, thus bringing about greater financial stability.

Immigrant children bring to this country a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and identities. They are also frequently exposed to traumatic experiences in their countries of origin and during their journeys to the U.S. We help clinicians develop their specialized "toolkits" for working with immigrant children in an effective, meaningful way.



We provide bespoke trainings, workshops, and comprehensive resources on topics such as:

  • Self-awareness – what beliefs do we bring to the learning environment as individuals, as a faculty/group of providers, and as a community? What impact to these beliefs have?

  • Multi-cultural awareness – what population(s) does your school or agency serve? Has this changed over time? Recently? Community reactions to the changing dynamic?

  • Work with Central American immigrant children – how can we “walk in their shoes”? What do we need to understand about home country dynamics, the journey, and cultural nuances?

  • The “Desahogarse” model – a short-term, strengths-based approach to clinical work with Spanish-speaking immigrant children

  • Caring for the caregivers – why self-care in work with immigrant students is essential, and how to do it effectively

A hallmark of are services is the provision of concrete, tangible strategies to create a culturally competent school or agency – from the lenses of administration, school helping professionals, teachers, community providers, etc. Our goal is to provide knowledge to stakeholders so that it may be turn-keyed with ease.